Make a Difference


Why Give?

At a particularly stress‐filled, tumultuous time, Journey to Dream equips, empowers, and embraces teens to overcome adversity and live purposeful lives. Through curriculum‐guided, peer support groups, school prevention assemblies, and homeless services, Journey to Dream is able to impact over 15,000 students every school year.

Often coined a teen's "safe haven" through our school and community programs, Journey to Dream finally opened a home for unaccompanied teens: KYLE'S PLACE. Kyle's Place and our future facilities carry on our vision to see every teen pursuing their dream.


Spread the Word

Teen homelessness isn't something we are confronted with daily. Some may not even realize it exists in our community, but it is everywhere. The more people understand the widespread impact of teen homelessness, the more people we have working together as a community to provide solutions to end increasing numbers and their devastating effects. There are thousands of teens right here in our community that need your help. 


How can you spread the word? 

Advocate. Donate. Follow along on social media. Educate others.